Polysciences, Inc., a leading manufacturer of specialty monomers/polymers for electronics, has introduced LoSTRESS liquid encapsulant. LoSTRESS SF54GB maintains all of the physical properties of previous product versions but does not contain brominated flame-retardants, antimony oxides or other banned materials. Additionally, this green version shows significantly improved long-term aging performance leading to higher reliability and increased thermal shock resistance. Due to its extremely low modulus and improved aging resistance, LoSTRESS SF54GB is an ideal replacement for silicones to protect sensitive electronic components against moisture, heat and other elements, as well as providing dielectric insulation. Because of its minimal warpage, LoSTRESS is ideal for large area dam-and-fill applications on thin, fragile substrates, such as ceramic substrates for SAW filters. LoSTRESS utilizes unique chemistry and catalysts to provide excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, such as metal, ceramic, and organic interfacing materials.

For more information, visit http://www.PSIinfo.com/90.