Polysciences, Inc. has introduced its LoSTRESS low-modulus liquid encapsulant for electronics applications. This latest addition to the Polysciences line of electronic encapsulation products enables device assemblers and manufacturers to cure sensitive devices such as SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) filters with minimal stress and warping of thin ceramic substrates. LoSTRESS liquid encapsulant is a superior alternative to higher modulus epoxy and traditional silicone encapsulants. Its lower modulus puts the packages under less stress during the cure process. Unlike silicone encapsulants, there is no potential for contamination of the production process. In addition, LoSTRESS provides dielectric insulation, protects components against moisture, heat and other elements, and adheres to metal, ceramic, and organic substrates, as well as most other interfacing materials.

For more information, visit http://www.psinfo.com/90.