Scapa North America now offers Scapa 572 and 573, two highly conformable polyester films, single-coated with a silicone adhesive for aerospace and industrial surface protection applications. Formulated to resist high temperatures and remove easily from a range of substrates, these polyester tapes are ideal for metal and plastic composite fabrication and flash removal. Scapa 572 features a heavy-duty 2.0 mil polyester carrier, single-coated with a high-temperature silicone adhesive. The product's polyester carrier adds dimensional stability and delivers high elongation and tensile strength. Scapa 573 consists of a thinner 1.0 mil polyester carrier and features a silicone adhesive that resists temperatures up to 400°F, as well as many chemicals. The high tack and shear strength of this silicone adhesive ensures a consistent bond to a variety of substrates.

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