ICIS-LOR, the global price reporting and market intelligence service for the petrochemicals and oil industry, will hold its first conference in Shanghai, China, March 2-3, 2005. Sponsored by Sinochem International Corp. and China Chemical News, the Asian Polymers Conference will address the challenges and drivers facing the polymers industry in China and across the region. ICIS-LOR's first Asian Polymers Conference will act as a networking platform for all international producers, traders, suppliers and buyers in the industry focused on uncovering new opportunities and following the latest developments that mold the global polymers industry. "We are pleased to launch ICIS-LOR's first Asian Polymers Conference," said Christopher Flook, ICIS-LOR publisher. "It will bring together leading experts in the industry to discuss key opportunities and developments in the region."

For more information, visit http://www.chemicalconferences.com/asianpolymers.