The Syl-Off SL 9100 series of products, Dow Corning's latest addition to the Syl-Off line, is designed especially for use on temperature-sensitive filmic substrates such as mono- and biaxially oriented polypropylene, polyethylene, and polyethylene-coated kraft. They are also appropriate for use on substrates that pose anchorage difficulties, such as unprimed polyester films. According to Norm Kanar, Americas area market manager, Dow Corning created the 9100 series to function as a flexible system of base coatings, crosslinkers, catalysts and additives that can be combined to create the best possible anchorage, line speed, and release profile for substrate and end-use applications. Features include: solvent-free processing; a variety of cure temperature options; flat release profiles; stable release; and limited food-contact capability.

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