The electronics groups of Henkel and the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores Monterrey (Monterrey Technology Institute) have announced a historic partnership agreement in which the two will conduct groundbreaking research on lead-free solders, provide superior local customer support, and offer unmatched educational opportunities. The partnership agreement will provide Henkel customers with access to the latest materials research to help them prepare for the demands imposed by ever-present changes in technology. One of the primary elements of the partnership is a research project in which the Henkel and Tec de Monterrey technical teams will study and characterize the compatibility behavior of tin-lead and lead-free solder pastes with several component and PCB surface finishes. The results of the study will be made available to Henkel customers. This relationship also enables Henkel to provide its Mexican customer base with sophisticated local failure analysis and evaluation capabilities, as well as the support of the Henkel technical team, including an application engineer who will reside on-site at Monterrey Tech.

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