Borden Chemical Inc. has announced plans for its Brazilian subsidiary, Borden Quimica Industria e Comercio S.A., to build a formaldehyde and resins manufacturing complex to serve the rapidly growing engineered wood products market in southern Brazil and northern Uruguay. Borden Chemical's board of directors has approved a plan to build a world-scale formaldehyde plant with a rated annual capacity of 125,000 metric tons, as well as a resins facility with a rated annual capacity of 170,000 metric tons. Both phenol formaldehyde resins and urea formaldehyde resins will be produced. The facility will include manufacturing technology enabling it to produce leading-edge resins that meet the highest environmental requirements, such as the E-1 and E-0 standards for low-emitting resins. The manufacturing complex will be located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. In addition, the company will build a resins blending facility in northern Uruguay to serve customers in that market with complete, ready-to-use resins.

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