The monthly roundup from Editor Teresa McPherson.

A call from a reader kindly and correctly pointed out that our April 2005 cover image shows a man not wearing the proper personal protective equipment while dispensing liquid into a container. Wearing glasses should be second nature to workers as a standard form of safety and protection in the chemical industry, and images we select should reflect that.

It's important to set the right example, and we plan to redouble our efforts to do just that. Everyone can use a reminder of the importance of safety, so we appreciate the keen eye of our reader and hope that this will serve to reinforce the need for safety in our manufacturing facilities.

Speaking of photos, many of our cover photos (and some editorial photos on the inside pages of the magazine) are generously submitted to us by companies in the industry. We're always on the lookout for new and dynamic photos, whether we're scoping exhibitor booths at trade shows or poring over company brochures and press kits. If you are interested in submitting a photograph for us to consider on the cover or inside the magazine, please e-mail me at or call (810) 664-0030.

Many feature stories are generated from ideas our readers bring to us as well. If you have a suggestion for a feature story topic, I would love to hear about it.

This month's issue includes one such article. The first installment in a new series of articles from Eastman Chemical Co. can be found on p. 28. This series, titled "Adhesives Essentials," is designed to address the fundamentals of adhesives and sealants formulation for those who might be new to the industry or could use a refresher course. This month's edition discusses the isoprene shortage the industry is currently facing. It explains formulation strategies that can help tape and label manufacturers to mitigate the shortage. These strategies will allow PSA manufacturers to continue production of high-quality PSA tapes while reducing isoprene content by as much as 50%. Watch for the next installment in the September issue.

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