A free publication with information on the DURO-TAK 34-429A family of hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives is now available from National Adhesives. The publication describes this family of adhesives, which deliver high tack, excellent cold water and cold temperature resistance, and superior optical clarity, making them ideal for use in film label, overlay, and decal applications. DURO-TAK 34-429A adhesives meet FDA Indirect Food Contact Regulations. The publication, entitled "DURO-TAK 34-429A Adhesives Provide Optical Clarity and Resistance to Pasteurization," includes a table illustrating many of the typical performance characteristics of these adhesives. With chemistry that delivers good resistance to pasteurization, DURO-TAK 34-429A adhesives are also resistant to flagging or "wing-up," so they can be used with confidence, even on curved surfaces.

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