Devcon's new Flex Welder FC (Fast Cure) is ideal for quickly and permanently assembling products subject to flexing, shock, vibration or variations in temperature up to 250 degrees F. Recommended for bonding nylon and its alloys, modified polyesters, epoxy composites, plastics, and even metals, this flexible methacrylate adhesive provides 100% tensile elongation, producing load-bearing bonds with excellent impact, peel, and shear resistance. This product requires minimal surface preparation. Mixed as dispensed (in a 1:1 ratio) with manual or pneumatic dispensing guns, it is a creamy thixotropic gel that spreads easily and fills gaps up to 3/8", but will not run, drip or sag on vertical or inverted surfaces. Flex Welder FC has a working time of 3 minutes and a fixture time of 9 minutes at room temperature. It attains functional cure in just one hour and full cure in 24 hours.

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