WASHINGTON — The latest inquiry by a number of industry associations finds that small- and medium- sized chemical manufacturers, formulators and distributors are substantially ahead of schedule for implementing plans to avert possible Y2K computer problems.

The results of a second-quarter 1999 survey of more than 300 chemical companies were released in comments to the U.S. Senate Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem. Fetzer-Kraus Inc., Washington, conducted the survey, and responses were solicited from U.S. companies with gross annual sales of $75 million or less.

The survey determined that all responding companies will reach 100% Y2K readiness in business, information and technology systems; manufacturing, inventory and distribution systems; embedded systems; and supply chains by the fourth quarter of 1999.

Both the survey and congressional testimony at a field hearing in May contradict claims that small- to medium-sized chemical enterprises are unaware and ill prepared for Y2K challenges. The survey results clearly indicate that these companies have placed considerable emphasis on preparing for Y2K concerns. Addi-tionally, the management and employees of these companies are serious and organized with their Y2K mitigation and contingency plans.