BASF in North America has been awarded Albemarle Corporation's 2004 Supplier Recognition Award, establishing itself as an elite supplier for Albemarle. "In spite of a severe industry shortage of acrylates, BASF persevered to supply us with material, thereby supporting Albemarle's launch of a new product," said Justine E. MacDonald, Vice President, Global Supply Chain Management, Albemarle Corporation. "Moreover, BASF continues to work with us as we grow this strategic business." On December 22, 2004, BASF began production of methyl acrylate in its new integrated petrochemical plant in Nanjing, China. In addition to methyl acrylate, BASF plans to produce other acrylic esters and glacial acrylic acid. Production capacities at this site include 160,000 metric tons per year of acrylic acid.

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