Polysciences, Inc., a leading manufacturer of specialty monomer/polymer formulations for electronic devices, has introduced two new NoSWEEP liquid globtop encapsulants specially formulated to protect ultra-fine pitch wire bonded, high-reliability devices. Device assemblers and manufacturers can use NoSWEEP EW8000 and EW8001 to protect most types of ball grid arrays (BGAs) and wire-bonded modules because they prevent wire sweep and offer superior Jedec Level 2A 260 degree C reflow reliability. These materials can be utilized as globtop encapsulants or dam-and-fill encapsulants. In addition to fine-pitch applications, NoSWEEP EW8000 series globtop encapsulants are ideal for other electronic applications where high reliability and/or high temperature reflow are required. The materials exhibit minimal cure stress and adhere well to a variety of metal, organic, and ceramic substrates.

For more information, visit http://www.polysciences.com.