Michelman, Cincinnati, has announced the acquisition of Fischer Pro Inc. of Keokuk, IA. Fischer Pro is a leading manufacturer of non-skid coating products for corrugated cartons, tier sheets and multi-wall bags. The acquisition includes the manufacturing operation located in Keokuk, all intellectual property and sales. According to Cindy Padilla, Michelman's CFO, "Fischer Pro has an excellent reputation in the market for quality and customer service, and is extremely well managed. This acquisition will allow us to deliver even greater value to our customers of non-skid coatings." Adds Don Wiseman, vice president of Global Operations, "The acquired technology includes an efficient process for manufacturing colloidal silica dispersion of specified particle size, which may hold significant potential in other applications.",p>For more information, visithttp://www.michem.com or call (800) 333-1723.


Plasticolors Inc., a custom colorant and chemical dispersions manufacturer for the thermoset plastics and paint and coatings industries, recently received three awards from the Ashtabula (OH) County Safety Council for its outstanding safety record and ongoing safety initiatives. Honors included the 100% Award, 500,000 Hours Award and the Dixon C. Greenwood Award, which was given to Don Herndon, Special Projects manager for Plasticolors, for his ongoing commitment to excellence in safety.

The prestigious Dixon C. Greenwood Award earned by Herndon is given to an individual and/or company who is highly committed to improving the safety of fellow employees, provides public and community service to further the cause of safety, and has actively participated on the Ashtabula County Safety Council. The award is named for one of the council's founders and is considered the greatest safety honor awarded in Ashtabula County.

"What a great honor it is for me to receive the Dixon C. Greenwood Award," said Herndon. "Without Dixon's tireless - sometimes single-handed - effort over many years, the Ashtabula Safety Council would be a mere shadow of itself. Because of his great efforts and dedication to safety, today the council is a large, well-organized and well-recognized organization. It's so wonderful to be a part of this great tradition."