Study finds growth being driven by material selection and design trends

Picture source: BMW Of North America, LLC

Recent advances in adhesives technology are creating new opportunities for adhesive films and tapes in a number of industrial applications, including those in the automotive, aerospace and electronics markets. Films and tapes with enhanced performance are reaching the market as several important developments are occurring that will spur new demand.

In the automotive industry, the drive to reduce car weight and vibration has renewed interest in film and tape adhesives. New vehicle designs using lighter gauge metals, coated steels, plastics and nonferrous metals are creating new joining and assembly requirements for which films and tapes offer a solution. Demand is increasing in applications ranging from tacking and gasketing to repairing panel assemblies.

Aerospace applications for tapes and films include joints involving advanced composites and metals, bonded laminated sheet-metal sections, and laminated combinations of sheet metals and high-modulus composites. Heat-activated adhesive films are gaining widespread use in the aircraft industry. Their use in bonding aluminum skins to aircraft, missiles and space vehicles continues to increase.

The uniformity and thorough coverage of adhesive films have led to intense interest in the microelectronics industry. Promising growth potential for films exists in electronics applications ranging from device manufacture and assembly to fabricating circuit boards. Conductive tapes that conduct in only one axis are receiving strong interest for EMI applications, joining flexible circuits and mounting components.

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