IPM: Drum Pumps

Many two-component coatings use isocyanate in the hardner component. When changing drums, isocyanate forms sharp crystals on pump surfaces, damaging packings and shortening pump life. IPM's OP-232C pump limits crystal formation to non-critical areas, allowing rods and packings to remain free of crystals, improving packing life. A quick-release bung adapter provides fast drum changes, and hoses can remain attached, further limiting crystal formation. Improved construction features allow periodic cleaning of critical pump passages to provide virtually unlimited service life.

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OK INTERNATIONAL: Handheld Convection Tool

The new HCT-900 Hand Held Convection Tool is a low-cost rework system providing the flexibility to handle a wide range of thermally demanding production and rework applications, including lead-free. Typical applications for the 300W unit include removal or replacement of QFPs, PLCCs, SOPs and TSOP devices. It can also be used to provide heating and reflow for touch-up work, as well as heat shrink and other local heating applications. The closed-loop thermocouple feedback regulates output temperatures, and control temperatures can be set in the range 100-500ºC (212-293ºF). The user simply sets the heat and airflow control dials to the required values for the application. The unit maintains the required temperature automatically, even if airflow is adjusted. The unique low-noise pump (less than 45 db) provides precision airflow control for the most demanding applications. A power-off, cool-down function retains airflow as the unit powers down for efficient heater cooling and reduction of thermal stress. A range of nozzles is available from OK International that work for general purpose applications or specific SO and TSOP packages, or PLCC, BQFP, and QFP devices. In addition, the system also accepts many industry-standard nozzles.

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POLYSCIENCES: Water-Indicating Paste

SAR-GEL® is an easy-to-use water detection paste that signals the presence of water by a highly visible color change. It is supplied as a white paste that changes to a bright red color even in the presence of low levels of water. A small amount of SAR-GEL applied to the end of an applicator or water level dipstick is sufficient to alert the user to the presence of unwanted water. This product is supplied in individual "toothpaste type" 1 oz. cartridge tubes for easy dispensing, and is also available in cases of 12 x 1 oz tubes.

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This company's new Model 2200-396-026 heated fluid-control valve is designed for precision control of low- to high-viscosity materials. It is used in a wide variety of applications for the transfer, delivery and dispensing of heated adhesives, sealants, and lubricants. The heated flow-control valve is typically used to start and stop the flow of material on the outlet of supply pumps, on the inlet and outlet of pipe manifolds and headers, on the inlet and outlet ports of metering assemblies, and on the inlet of dispense hoses. It is also used as a high-flow dispense valve. The unique No-Drip® high-flow valve design is ideal for controlling the flow of heated adhesives and sealants such as acrylics, epoxies, polyurethanes, silicones, lubricants, and warm-melt materials requiring elevated temperatures. The valve opens and closes its carbide needle and seat to precisely start and stop material flow up to 5000 psi. The 60:1 air-to-fluid power ratio provides instantaneous on-off control of material flow. The heated flow-control valve is double-air-operated through 1/4"-NPT ports to ensure positive start and stop of material flow. The valve has 1/2"-NPT fluid inlet and outlet ports for high-volume flow of viscous materials. The valve includes two holes for easy mounting.

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