ASHBY CROSS: Mix/Dispense Head

The DYNA-STAT® is a dynamic mix/dispense head that provides consistent, high-shear, high-speed mixing that comes in particularly handy in foam applications. Disposable mix chambers eliminate the need for costly solvent flush used in conventional dynamic mixing devices. Consistent foam cell generation is achieved by precisely controlling the mixer speed with the use of a servo-controlled drive motor. In addition, the use of a servo drive assures exact repeatability of process requirements. This mix/dispense valve can also be used for many other applications, such as difficult-to-mix urethane and optically clear dispensing.

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The Gorilla Glue Co. has announced the launch of a 12-yard roll of "go anywhere" Gorilla Tape. Like traditional Gorilla Tape, the new, smaller version features a reinforced backing, a tough outer shell and double-thick adhesive for gripping smooth, rough, and porous surfaces. This newest member of the "Gorilla Tough" family retails for just under $5.00 and is available nationwide.

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HENKEL: Die-Attach/Mold Compound Set Solution

When combined, Hysol® QM1529LS die-attach material and Hysol® GR828A mold compound deliver the thin-yet-reliable materials properties necessary to provide a robust material set solution for packages used in today's low-profile products, such as cell phones, PDAs, portable music players, and entertainment devices. When manufacturing TSOP, TSSOP and TQFP packages with Au-plated and Ag-plated lead frames, use of Hysol QM1529LS die-attach adhesive with the "Green" mold compound Hysol GR828A produces superior material set reliability and performance. QM1529LS' unique formulation provides hydrophobic properties, while delivering incredible stability at extremely high temperatures. Joining these benefits are the advantageous materials properties of GR828A, a low-stress molding compound that exhibits excellent gate leakage performance. Extensive testing of this materials combination to JEDEC Level 1 (260°C) has confirmed its performance in even the most demanding lead-free manufacturing environment.

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MOYNO: Metering Pump

The Moyno® Metering Pump is available in bare-shaft, close-coupled and motorized configurations, each delivering smooth, metered flow free from pulsations and variations to prevent material waste or mixture imbalance. The Bare Shaft Configuration provides precise, cost-effective metering for applications requiring a separate drive. Close-Coupled Configuration offers a variety of drive options, from a 56C-Face or 140TC-Face motor, gearmotor drive to variable-speed drives. This design allows the customer to add their own motor, gearmotor or variable-speed drive. And the Motorized Configuration, the most compact model available, is accompanied by AC and DC variable-speed drives for accurate control. All models are capable of handling a variety of fluids, from clean, clear liquids to corrosive materials.

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The Servo-Flo® 305 System is a mid-sized shot meter ideal for robotic and automated dispensing applications, such as bonding, gasketing, filling and sealant operations. The robust positive rod displacement and servo-moto design will dispense abrasive and filled one-component adhesives and sealants, such as epoxies, silicones, urethanes, and mastics. The Servo-Flo 305 meter delivers a precise flow rate of material to a Snuf-Bak™, Tip-Seal® or No-Drip® dispense valve for accurate start-stop of material flow. The meter can be floor-, pedestal- or motor-mounted for automation or manual applications. System-design selections include meter-volume size, material-temperature control, operator interface, dispense valve, material supply and system integration.

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