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ConProTec pre-assembled pistons

ConProTec Inc.

Salem, NH-based ConProTec Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of dispensing systems for two-component adhesives. The company's systems are made up of reusable dispensers with disposable plastic cartridges and static mixers, and its objective is to develop systems that will effectively store, meter, mix, and dispense any two-component adhesive available.

Recent attention has been placed on developing the next generation of cartridges with new volumes and ratios. In addition, the company has developed a complete line of pre-assembled pistons to accommodate these cartridges. Most important, though, is the development of a new static mixer design that will enable users to consider formulations that were not previously an option.

For more information, contact David Kirsch, Sales & Marketing manager, at 8 Willow St., Salem, NH 03079; phone (603) 893-2727; or visit .

Franklin's Titebond 531

Franklin International

Established in 1935, Columbus, OH-based Franklin International is today among the largest privately held manufacturers of adhesives and sealants for commercial and industrial applications. Best known for the Titebond® brand, Franklin capitalizes on its expertise in polymerization to offer a broad range of water-based, solvent-based and urethane products. This includes glues, adhesives, hot melts, binders, films, sizing compounds and more. Franklin products are distributed globally for use in residential and light industrial construction, furniture manufacturing, millwork operations, paper converting, pressure-sensitive products, fiberglass reinforcement, and screen-printing.

Franklin's long-standing commitment to customer-focused research and development continues to bring new and innovative products to industrial markets. Recent developments include Advantage® 405 and 415, Covinax® X-462, and the line of Acrynax® acrylic hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives.

Advantage® 405 and 415 are high-performance millwork adhesives designed to surpass the demanding requirements of ASTM D 5751 and ASTM D 5572 wet use standards. They also conform to section 6.2.1 of the NAFS-1 voluntary performance standard. Applications for Advantage® products include finger jointing, edge gluing, hot pressing and radio frequency gluing.

Covinax X-462 is a highly water-resistant, clear pressure-sensitive emulsion for use in health and beauty product labels demanding high levels of adhesive performance, coating quality, and productivity. Acrynax® 100% solids acrylic resins offer UV and plasticizer resistance, as well as exceptional clarity, which have all led to success in medical applications. As specialty compounding additives, these materials provide enhanced tack and flexibility to a variety of hot-melt adhesive systems.

Franklin International also invests heavily in research and development for the consumer and construction markets. Several recent developments have come to fruition in the form of new commercially available products.

Titebond® III Ultimate Wood Glue is the first one-part wood glue to pass the ANSI/HPVA Type I water-resistance specification and offer a one-year shelf life. In addition, it offers exceptional strength, longer open time and a lower application temperature (down to 47° F), making it truly the most advanced wood glue available.

Subfloor moisture is the number one concern for wood flooring installations in new-home construction. The advanced Titebond® 531 Moisture Control System reduces 75% of vapor transmission within any concrete slab (up to 12 pounds), ensuring good floor adhesion while reducing the potential for mold and mildew under the wood. The system, when used in conjunction with Titebond® 811 Advantage urethane wood flooring adhesive, allows for faster installation of both solid and engineered/laminated wood floors, due to its high solids percentage (95% +).

Franklin's product development process continues to be intent on complying with ever-tightening, government-regulated VOC emissions. This quest dates back many years to when the company pioneered solvent-free glues and adhesives. Now in its third decade of being the leader in products safe for the environment, Franklin has introduced Titebond® VOC Compliant Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive, which contains only 47 grams of VOC per liter (one-sixth the level of typical products) and exceeds the most stringent VOC limits in the nation.

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MACtac adhesive application


A leading supplier of pressure-sensitive adhesive materials, MACtac® specializes in customer service and progressive product development. The company focuses on partnering with customers and providing solutions to address their unique converting and application challenges.

One example of this is MACtac's 710VHP, a dynamic adhesive that is leading the expansive prime labeling market and applications. 710VHP is a hot-melt with the converting and dispensing speeds expected of an emulsion adhesive. Because it is a hot-melt, 710VHP provides converters with the necessary quick tack and aggressive adhesion to stick to low-surface-energy substrates, like high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and corrugated board. But 710VHP is better than conventional hot-melt adhesives in one respect: it can be converted at a wider setting of up to 20 inches. A smooth converting process virtually eliminates matrix breaks and adhesive legging, which increases die-cutting speeds (up to 750 feet per minute) and uptime. Also, the 710VHP adhesive can withstand a wide temperature range for demanding cold-temperature uses.

In addition to 710VHP, MACtac has also developed unique adhesive systems for targeted markets within the medical and graphics industries.

In pediatric and geriatric medical applications, easy removal of medical devices and wound care products is imperative. To address this issue, MACtac developed a skin-friendly Ultra-Low Adhesion (ULA) adhesive for single- or double-coated foam, films and non-woven constructions. Designed for use in short-term or sensitive skin applications, this hypoallergenic, medical-grade pressure-sensitive adhesive exhibits low peel properties and is gentle and repositionable. And, with its rubber-based formulation, ULA delivers a cool, gel-like feel while maintaining a uniform peel adhesion for more than 24 hours.

For vehicle graphic and outdoor signage applications, MACtac recently developed IMAGin® B*free™, a polymeric vinyl coated film with a bubble-free air egress adhesive. Applicators can easily apply the graphic over rivets, curves and simple corrugations without worrying about lifting, peeling, or shrinking. The key to IMAGin B*free is its innovative adhesive technology. The special formulation allows for easy removal from the release liner - as well as low initial tack for repositionability - while the air release system allows air to be pushed out in multiple directions, thus limiting the risk of wrinkles and bubbles. After a shot of heat and some cure time, the permanent adhesive tacks over and builds a strong bond for long-term durable graphics.

For more information, contact MACtac at 4560 Darrow Rd., Stow, OH 44224.


MIXPAC Equipment

MIXPAC Equipment Inc. is an engineering-based company focused on developing an innovative line of refillable dispensing systems for two-part adhesives. Over the past year, the company has been focused on introducing the MIXPAC DX System to the U.S. This product line includes the refillable DXH-4 Hand-held Dispenser with DXR Refill Station and the DXB Bench Dispenser. The system offers the ability to dispense 1:1, 1.5:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1 ratios, and its development was prompted by a need to bridge the gap between disposable cartridges and traditional bulk dispensing systems.

The DXH-4 Hand-held dispenser easily docks into the portable DXR Refill Station for fast, easy refilling of 1000ml of adhesive from five-gallon bulk containers. Multiple dispensers can be refilled from one DXR Refill Station, which optimizes the cost effectiveness of the entire unit. The dispensers offer the mobility of cartridges, so they can be used at various locations throughout a manufacturing facility without the restriction of fluid lines often associated with traditional bulk dispensing systems. The DXB Bench Dispenser is a bench-mounted version of the DXH-4 Dispenser: a portable, bench-top unit that offers a fast, simple and accurate solution for dispensing two-component reactive resins.

Since manufacturing is an ever-changing environment, it is MIXPAC's goal to continue developing innovative products that will offer dispensing solutions for two-component adhesive systems. With the development of new adhesives comes the expansion of adhesives use into new and existing markets. Also, demands for higher quality, cost reductions, simplification, increased throughput/productivity, reduced downtime and waste, and excellent customer service make it critical to provide customers with a complete solution for their process.

The newest development in process for MIXPAC Equipment Inc. is a backpack unit that will offer a refillable, mobile and accurate dispensing solution for jobs that require larger volumes of material in "satellite" work, areas such as stadium construction or mining applications.

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