New direct thermal and laser labels are offered for pharmacy applications.

In 2005, prescription sales in the United States reached $230 billion, with 3.4 billion prescriptions filled - up 4.6% from $220 billion in 2004.* With this number continuing to climb, pharmacists are busier than ever and are constantly seeking ways to streamline their day-to-day activities. MACtac® Roll Label is helping out with the introduction of RX9512 laser labels and DRX9502 direct thermal labels. Both products boast improved physical characteristics and the glove-friendly ST-95 adhesive for easy handling, less jamming, and long-lasting aesthetic appeal.

"Regardless of a pharmacy's preferred printing technology - laser or direct thermal - MACtac now has a premium solution," said Allison Hazel, product manager, MACtac Roll Label. "As a leader in pressure-sensitive label products, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve print quality and ease of use for converters and end users."

Both RX9512 and DRX9502 use ST-95 adhesive, which offers excellent tack and adhesion to a variety of surfaces, including plastics, and is considered to be latex-glove friendly. Both types of labels are also repositionable for a short period of time before adhering permanently, giving pharmacists the opportunity to make sure their prescription labels are straight and easy to read.

The MACtac RX9512 laser pharmacy labels boast a premium 50# uncoated smudge-resistant paper stock with a high degree of brightness and whiteness, outstanding lay-flat characteristics, and print receptivity. This label stock is designed for dependable usage in dual-web pharmacy label forms.

The DRX9502 direct thermal pharmacy labels are created to withstand high-heat and ultraviolet (UV) light for long-lasting aesthetic appeal. With MACtac technology, labels stay clear and easy to read.

"People often put their prescription on the window sill where they'll remember to take their daily medication," said Kathy Magyar, Direct Thermal Product manager. "Despite the direct light, our UV technology ensures that the labels will still be readable over time."

MACtac, a leading supplier of pressure-sensitive adhesive materials, offers solutions for industries, including printing, graphic design, packaging, digital imaging, photographic, assembly engineering, RFID, electronics, medical and communications. It is a subsidiary of Bemis Co. Inc., the largest flexible packaging supplier in North America. Headquartered in Stow, OH, MACtac is a global company with manufacturing and distribution facilities in several countries.

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* Sources: National Association of Chain Drug Stores and the IMS Health