Salisbury site to meet demand for adhesives, polymers and electronic materials.

National Starch and Chemical Co. recently hosted customers and local dignitaries to mark the official opening of its expanded adhesives, synthetic polymers, and electronic material manufacturing facilities at its Salisbury, NC, plant.

The new facilities add over 10,000 sq. feet of production area to the existing Salisbury manufacturing site. More than 30 new employees have been hired to support the company’s expanded manufacturing capabilities.

According to company officials, a multimillion-dollar investment in the new facility will accelerate National’s efforts to supply high-quality, innovative adhesives to the pressure-sensitive and transdermal markets; specialty polymers to the hair- and skin-care markets; and custom resins and fillers used in the manufacture of adhesives, coatings, and encapsulants for electronic assembly.

“This state-of-the-art facility will provide us with the flexibility to support the changing demands of a range of markets that National Starch serves, and will better position the company to offer customers the innovative products they need in an increasingly competitive marketplace,” said Alan Bate, executive vice president of National Starch and Chemical Co. “It also reflects our commitment to maintaining a leadership position in the specialty adhesives, polymers and electronic materials industries.”

The investment in the personal care polymers business at Salisbury employs new technology that strengthens National’s specialty polymer manufacturing and supply chain capability in order to satisfy growing global demand in hair styling, skin care, and sun care applications. According to Charles Eggert, group vice president of National’s Specialty Polymers business, “Our investment in Salisbury reinforces our leading technology and market position in innovative specialty polymers that are formulated by our hair- and skin-care customers worldwide into personal care products that delight consumers who want to look great and feel better.”

The new specialty organics plant and filler-processing facility for National’s Electronic Materials division will increase the division’s captive manufacturing capacity of custom resins and fillers used in adhesives, coatings, and encapsulants for electronics assembly, according to Alan Syzdek, group vice president, Electronic Materials. “These versatile facilities will support our growing market share, provide for a more secure supply chain, and further improve product quality,” said Syzdek.

Approximately 85 people representing key National Starch customers and local officials - as well as plant personnel and company executives - attended the opening ceremonies, which included a tour of the facility.

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