ASI’s integrated marketing channels offer multiple media platforms for information access.

Understanding Integrated Marketing Channels

Most simply put, integrated marketing channels encompass all the various platforms thatASIuses to deliver information to you. These include print, the Internet (Web access and electronic delivery), direct mail, meetings/conferences/shows, Web seminars, and more.

Combined and separately, these platforms allow us to deliver our editorial content in different formats and information streams, and allow you to select those delivery methods that best serve your needs and the needs of your company.

In other words, integrated marketing channels offer you, the reader, accessibility and strategic focus, and put information technology into your hands. They put YOU at the center of the information stream. You build the relationship with the information and you manipulate/affect how you receive your information, what information is received, and in what form.

It’s been acknowledged over and over again that information is power. Technology now allowsASIto give you flexible control over that power.ASIcan now address the diversity of the reader and present multiple sets of information in a range of methods. As a result, we can deliver a steady flow of editorial over various platforms that is 100% focused on the strategic needs of you, the reader. Current news features; technology articles; industry updates; and company, product, legislative and other valuable news and information can be delivered through many media outlets.

ASI’s integrated marketing communication vehicles include print; the Web as a host for our portal Web site; electronic transfer of information via e-mail blasts, electronic newsletters, Web seminars and (in the future) podcasts; electronic search capabilities; and both visual and audio presentation.

Integrated Marketing Communication Vehicles

ASI magazine. ASIdelivers high-quality content every month inASImagazine. The print version ofASIoffers you in-depth articles, comprehensive features, detailed information on technological advances, and industry news and updates. Take it with you when traveling to stay caught up on the global business of adhesives and sealants.

Directories (print and online). ASI’s directories provide product use and selection information to make informed purchasing decisions, and offer direct access to providers of materials, equipment, and services. Print directories are an excellent on-the-shelf resource. Online directories offer access to product details, spec sheets and contact information through our Google search interface.

ASIoffers four directories: Buyers’ Guide; Raw Materials, Chemicals and Additives Handbook; Dispensing and Curing Equipment Directory; Global Adhesives and Sealants Directory. Web site serves as your resource center and allows access to additional tools such as hotlinks, directories, microsites, and diverse sets of information such asASIWeb-only exclusives and show reports.

ASI E-News.Delivered directly to your e-mail inbox, our weekly electronic newsletter keeps you tuned in to industry, company, product, and event news and updates.

ASI Digital Editorial Archives.TheASIeditorial “library” offers you the ability to perform a focused online search, and facilitates convenient reference and storage of pastASIarticles and news.

RSS feeds.Be notified instantly of changes to theASIWeb site to stay on top of news and updates in our industry.

Google-Based Search Engine.This key component ofASI’s Web site allows you to filter results across the site, within editorial or withinASI’s directories. For focused results, use this great tool to find specific articles or items of interest.

Editor’s Blog & ASI Bulletin Board.These communication resources help you to stay in touch with what others in the industry are thinking about. These tools serve as your vital link to the online community, connecting you to industry opinion and allowing you to reach out to others in your business.

Ask Dr. Dave.A monthly adhesives and sealants troubleshooting column by Dr. Dave Dunn, former vice president and director of Loctite Corp. This feature appears in both the print and online versions ofASI.

Reprints.Reprints help you to connect with your customers, adding third-party credibility to your message. Use them at customer customer visits and trade shows, for direct mail, and in your internal meetings.

Videos.If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must increase value and understanding exponentially. Videos offer you the opportunity to see products and processes in action, amplifying your informational experience.

Microsites.Offering compilations of the latest information in strategic industry areas, such as green/sustainability and polymers. Other features include hotlinks to useful resources and sponsorship opportunities (banner and tile ads) for focused ad exposure.

This broad palate of integrated marketing communication vehicles offers tangible benefits in the form of:
  • Enhanced content delivery
  • Multiple information resources
  • Multi-channel delivery of information
  • Focused sourcing of relevant  information
With integrated marketing, you develop the relationship with information that serves you best. And, on the advertiser side, suppliers use integrated marketing to reach out and provide critical information via all of these marketing channels.

By accessing and using as many of these resources as possible, you’ll ensure that you and your company stay ahead of the information curve.

One ofASI’s core values is to provide superior service to you, our readers. To that end, we are committed to enhancing our relationship with you. Integrated marketing, with its variety of efficient delivery platforms, allows us to offer you information in diverse streams and forms to enhance yourASIexperience and to add value to you as anASIreader/Web site visitor.

If you have any questions about yourASIprint or Web site experience, or suggestions to enhance it (including other delivery vehicles we should consider), contact Editor Teresa McPherson at (724) 238-2209 or; or Publisher Sue Love at (614) 760-4221 or