TRIAC “V” Series Control Port Ball Valves from A-T Controls deliver precise, consistent flow control with the simplicity and sealing features of a ball valve. The V-port valves are available with 30°, 60° or 90° V notch. Control ports are cast and machined into the ball rather than the seat for superior flow characteristics. For application versatility, TRIAC offers the V-port valves in ½”-4” 3-piece threaded models, 1”-6” 150# flanged versions, and 316SS or WCB trim. All come standard with high-performance 50/50 seat of 50% SST powder in a 50% PTFE matrix that combines strength with superior sealing properties.

The 30 V models allow for fine tapered control throughout the valve rotation, while the 60 V and 90 V units offer a larger Cv in addition to controlled flow. Other V notch angles are available by special order.

The V-Port valves feature TRIAC’s unique live-loaded packing system. A patented 45° pyramidal primary stem seal with Belleville washers and Chevron packing protects against stem leaks.

Manual valves are available, but A-T Controls specializes in automation packaging from a comprehensive selection of actuators. Packaged valve orders can typically be assembled for same-day or next-day ship-out.

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