Pres-On, a leading supplier and innovator in adhesive products, has announced the availability of new PHB2000 very high bond acrylic foam tape.

With applications ranging from window muntin bar attachment and signage to consumer appliances and skin-to-skin assembly, PHB2000 very high bond acrylic foam tape will help virtually any OEM achieve higher levels of productivity, quality and customer satisfaction. In addition to furnishing an extremely strong, pressure-sensitive bond, PHB2000 will reduce and dampen product vibration and sound. It is flexible, moldable and compressible, allowing it to conform perfectly to intricate shapes during manufacturing. It possesses a uniform, high-tack acrylic adhesive on both sides that will bond to most substrates, replacing the need for mechanical fasteners and welds.

PHB2000 delivers excellent weathering properties from moisture and sub-zero temperatures without losing its adhesion power, so it can be used with confidence in auto trim attachment and construction. Plus, unlike lesser quality tapes, PHB2000 will not stain or harden due to age.

Pres-On PHB2000 is available on rolls in 0.045-inch thickness with widths of 3/16-inch to 18 inches.

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