Brookfield Engineering Laboratories has announced the release of its new 2008 full-color catalog featuring a complete line of viscometers/rheometers and texture analyzers.

New features for 2008 include:
  • AST-100 Process Viscosity Controller Designs - The popular AST-100 in-line viscosity control system now has new flange mount and probe type designs. These instruments have no moving parts and do not require recalibration.
  • DV-I Prime Viscometer - Exciting new features include “Timed Option” and “Print” buttons. Optional WINGATHER software allows use of a PC to collect, analyze and record viscosity test data.
  • Quick Action Lab Stand - Simply push a button for quick positioning of the viscometer head and faster testing. Perfect for environments with heavy workloads, multiple users and varied testing situations.
  • EZ-Lock Spindle Coupling System - Safely attach spindles quickly and efficiently with this spring-loaded spindle coupling design.
  • New Protective Keypad Covers - Protect keypads against dirt, scratches, spillage and dust with Brookfield’s new “peel and stick” flexible covers.
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The KD Scientific Model KDS 100 is a single-syringe infusion pump that combines precision with simplicity.

Any single syringe from 10 µl to 60 ml is all that is needed for ESI sample introduction as well as calibration solutions.

The KDS 100 is easy to use and has a simple menu-driven setup: select syringe size from displayed table, set dispense volume, and set dispense flow rate.

The KDS 100 can do simple infusions or deliver a set volume. In the volume dispense mode, the KDS 100 will deliver a specified volume and automatically shut off when that volume is delivered. When using this mode the volume delivered is continuously displayed on the LED until the delivery is complete. The advanced drive mechanism assures the smoothest, most accurate flow for all delivery modes.

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