The monthy roundup from Editor-in-Chief Teresa McPherson.

This November issue is better than ever. Packed with editorial on topics ranging from UV curing to a new surgical adhesive, this issue has something for everyone.

Our cover story, “Distributors: What Do they Do?,” is a question-and-answer session with Sue Joslin, vice president of Comstock Park, MI-based L&D Adhesives Inc. She says her biggest daily challenge is transportation; because the company deals with ‘hazardous’ materials, she says they make sure to follow every rule of hazardous shipping set by the Department of Transportation.

“Reaction Characterization by Real-Time FTIR and DMA in UV-Curable Adhesives” examines the curing of acrylate adhesives with exposure to UV radiation.

If you’re looking for advice on choosing a static mixer to properly mix a two-component adhesive, check out “How to Choose a Static Mixer to Properly Mix a Two-Component Adhesive,” which details the applications, reliability, and physical aspects of static mixers, and provides tips on how to test and experiment with the equipment effectively.

MACtac has teamed up with Rob Ivers, a leader in digital media application for vehicle wrap installation, to present Application NationTMtraining classes. The two-day events are comprised of MACtac digital media training, design theory, surface preparation techniques and special training for applications over flat, riveted, and complex curves. See “MACtac’s Application Nation Program Sweeps the Country” for more details.

“Evonik Industries Builds New Production Plant for Methacrylates” is an article about a new integrated production plant in Shanghai for the manufacture of methyl methacrylates for Evonik Industries, whose Chemicals Business Area was formerly known as Degussa.

In our Regulated Industries End User section, an article from Cohera Medical Inc. examines a line of novel surgical adhesives that has been awarded a U.S. patent. The Pittsburgh-based medical device company designed the product to meet surgeons’ needs for a strong, safe and easy-to-use tissue glue. Get the entire story in “Medical Milestones.”

According to a recent Freedonia Group report, U.S. demand for medical and dental adhesives and sealants is forecast to rise 7.6% per year to $1.8 billion in 2011. Much of this growth is due to the aging U.S. population, as older individuals are more likely to require surgical and dental procedures than other age groups. See “On the Rise” for more.