Welcome to the annual Dispensing and Curing Equipment Directory! Found on pp. 10-14, the chart-style directory includes supplier companies* and contact information for various types of dispensing, curing and filling equipment. Red Super Star listings in the chart indicate display advertisers in this issue. Flip to the advertiser index on p. 35 to locate their advertisement and learn more about their offerings. In addition, we’ve included supplier listings with details on each company’s offerings and how to contact them. Find the listings on p. 14.

Technology is evolving rapidly—not only in the dispensing and curing realm, but in all of manufacturing—to meet ever-changing customer demands. In “It’s Time to Say ‘No Tanks’—Optimizing Adhesives for Tankless Dispensing Systems” (pp. 16-19), Nordson Corp.’s Larry Saidman examines how tankless systems can provide better adhesive flow without char, reduced energy usage, and the elimination of pop-opens. In addition, be sure to visit www.adhesivesmag.com/videos to watch an interview of Saidman discussing tankless equipment.

And on pp. 20-25, “Selecting UV Spot-Curing Technology” looks at the benefits UV spot curing can offer to traditional adhesive assembly methods.


ASI Top 25

Our annual ASI Top 25 listing of the leading worldwide manufacturers of adhesives and sealants will again be featured in the August issue. In order to be considered for inclusion, companies are invited to complete a brief survey at www.adhesivesmag.com/ASI-Top-25. Please complete the survey by June 15, and feel free to contact me at (248) 786-1703 or mcphersont@bnpmedia.com with any questions.  

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*Supplier listings indicate paid advertising. Contact Stacey Hurley at hurleys@bnpmedia.com for pricing and additional details.