Cytec Industries Inc. has announced the introduction of the CONAP CONAPOXY FR-1800 series of epoxy potting systems. Consisting of the CONAPOXY® FR-1810, CONAPOXY® FR-1820, and CONAPOXY® FR-1830, the epoxy potting compounds extend the life cycle of electronic and electrical devices, such as coils, controls, sensors, and transformers.

All three products provide an ambient cure and have excellent storage stability. Each is formulated with a non-abrasive filler to reduce wear on machine metering/dispensing equipment. The result is a family of potting systems designed for casting electronic components used in electronic and electrical designs.

CONAPOXY FR-1810 is an 80 Shore D flexible, two-component epoxy potting and casting system with excellent handling properties. Its best-in-class elongation of 22% makes it well-suited for protecting electronic modules, components and electrical devices from thermal shock. CONAPOXY FR-1810 has a mixed viscosity of 8,000 cps at 25 C.

A fast gellation epoxy, CONAPOXY FR-1820 is intended for designs requiring fast line speed potting of electronic modules, components and electrical devices. It has a gel time of 16-30 minutes and a mixed viscosity of 6,900 cps at 25 C.

The CONAPOXY FR-1830’s mixed viscosity of 2,100 cps at 25 C gives it the lowest viscosity of any UL94 V-O potting system on the market. It has excellent release of entrapped air characteristics. The CONAPOXY 1800 series is part of Cytec’s next-generation electronic and electrical potting product line.

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