Benefiting from the best technologies and more than 40 years of experience, Novacel offers international clients a range of self-adhesive films for temporary surface protection. These films can be custom-printed to personalize them with a company logo, product information or instructions, a grid for measurement, and more.

The protective film preserves the quality of the materials throughout each phase of manufacturing, processing, handling, transportation and storage. It can be applied to such varied surfaces as stainless steel, aluminum, pre-coated metals, sheet or profile plastics, laminates, carpet, glass and more.

Novacel films are a barrier against scratches and marks, but they are also a fantastic marketing medium. Logos, branding or advertising messages can be printed on the films in one or several colors. They are also an ideal medium for product instructions, technical specifications or conditions of use.

Novacel works side-by-side with its clients to determine the type of printing required (graphics, typography, layout, printing pitch and colors). Using flexographic presses, a test sample is then produced before industrial production is launched.

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