F-Jet Natural Fibers is an innovative self-adhesive solution that redefines indoor short-run advertising, challenging the dominance of traditional monomeric films and thus reducing the use of plastics. Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives' new creation for large-format digital printing is developed with a paper facestock composed of post-consumer recycled natural fibers and free of plasticizers (such as PVC, PE, PP, PU, and PET). F-Jet Natural Fibers is printable with latex and UV inks, guaranteeing excellent print quality. Main applications include in-store advertising, short-term graphics on glass, and indoor advertising panels. Compared to a standard monomeric PVC film, life cycle analysis of the new F-Jet Natural Fibers shows significant reductions in energy, water consumption, and CO2 emissions. The ultra-removable acrylic-based adhesive technology also guarantees easy application and residue-free removal.

"F-Jet Natural Fibers stems from the need to offer the indoor ADV market a solution that is not only highly performing but also more environmentally friendly than traditional products," said Daniele Perotti, global graphics product & business development manager for Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives. F-Jet Natural Fibers represents the fruit of important analysis and research work, which aims to respond innovatively and consciously to the demands of the graphics world. A sector that, also thanks to the recent acquisition of the Poli-Tape Group, plays an increasingly important role for Fedrigoni."

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