As part of its roadmap to become a leading sustainable business, Fedrigoni Group has announced that its Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives division plans to increase the volume of advanced ESG solutions in its product portfolio from 35% to 70% by 2030. Design for recycling is among the key strategies being pursued by Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives to reach this goal. The strategy includes favoring the recycling and reuse of materials, increasing as much as possible the use of recycled materials, and reducing the quantity of raw materials used. In addition, when possible, the division is striving to eliminate or reduce materials that are difficult to recycle.

Through research and technological innovation, Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives is upgrading its most common materials, triggering a single material change that can make a difference in its impact. The result is an enrichment of the company’s recycled papers and films portfolio.

For the range of recycled polypropylene (PP) and recycled polyethylene (PE) films, Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives reports that it engineered virgin-grade quality self-adhesive materials capable of satisfying the high performing requirements of the labelling industry. The PP films can have a recycled content that ranges from 85-90%, the highest amount in all the portfolio, or a 30% recycled PP for a good sustainability/price ratio. The PE films are made with 30% of recycled content while ensuring high quality and a minor use of new raw materials in the production process. All of the facestocks have obtained ISCC certification, which covers the entire supply chain and various bio-based feedstocks and renewables.

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