Venture Tape Corp., a worldwide manufacturer of specialty tapes, has introduced Venture Tape 1567CW®, a cold weather insulation tape designed to match metal building insulation facing VRR-50 made by Alpha Associates. VRR-50 is a white, polypropylene, scrim and metalized polyester film. Venture Tape 1567CW is primarily used as a closure system and vapor seal on metal building insulation.

Venture Tape 1567CW has a permeability rating of .02 (to ASTM E-96), making it ideal for use in situations in which condensation is a concern, such as storage or food processing plants. Coated with Venture Tape’s special cold-weather acrylic adhesive, Venture Tape 1567CW can be installed in temperatures as low as –10°F.

“This product is designed to work well with VRR-50 facing, which meets UL 723 for flame and smoke resistance,” says Ed Sore, manager of insulation products for Venture Tape. “Both facing and tape have superior tensile strength and are mold resistant, which is critical when used in metal buildings with dampness.”

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