Union Process Inc. has produced a hybrid laboratory mill with a unique vertical shaft adjustment that combines features of the company's HSA-1 and 1-S model attritors.

The vertical shaft adjustment feature is designed to accommodate different sizes of grinding media, thereby making the combination mill more versatile. While this feature is typically included on a 1-S attritor, it has never been included prior to this on an HSA-1 attritor.

The drive system allows the user to switch easily between the high-speed HSA system (1700 RPM) with a side discharge and the conventional 1-S system (350 RPM) with a bottom discharge. The HSA tank cover is a two-piece, stainless steel design with brush seal, charging chute and vent. The 1-S tank cover is a one-piece nylon-coated stainless steel cover with charging port and brush seal for dust control.

The variable frequency controller includes an LCD OIM (Operator Interface Module) and is programmed to display agitator RPM, motor AMPS, and motor HP so that processing conditions can be closely monitored.