Ferro Corp.’s Organic Specialties Group has expanded its product line of high-performance solvents to include cyclic and linear carbonates. These carbonates are high-purity alternatives to halogenated solvents and N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinone (NMP), with excellent toxicity properties. Ferro has increased production capacity to offer high-purity carbonates to the broader market, in addition to its internal use for Purolyte®electrolytes for lithium and lithium ion batteries.

In addition to electrolytes applications, the solvents’ high purity makes them ideal for dissolving photoresists in electronics manufacturing, and for cleaning surfaces of silicon wafers in semiconductor fabrication. The carbonates’ toxicity properties reduce exposure risks in manufacturing environments, and make them suitable for low-odor consumer products, such as water-based adhesives and inks. Their high polarity improves suspension of pigments in inks, enabling cartridges that spray evenly without clogging, and inks that penetrate paper without diffusing or smearing. The carbonates also offer advantages as reaction solvents in fine chemicals manufacturing, particularly in methylation reactions and low-water applications, and they can be used in environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

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