GW Plastics has announced its expansion into the Liquid Silicone (LSR) market with the creation of GW Silicones.

GW Silicones will be located at GW Plastics’ Royalton, VT, technology and tooling campus and will provide extensive concept-to-production services for LSR and LSR-based multi-material prototype and production applications. GW Silicones will focus on medical device, drug delivery and life science-related applications, but will also support other traditional LSR markets, such as automotive and consumer/industrial.

GW is constructing a new clean room with state-of-the-art Engel molding machines specifically equipped for LSR. The operation will focus on high-precision, automated, defect-free flashless molding that has become a GW trademark. In addition to conventionally molded LSR products, GW Silicones intends to offer LSR overmolding onto plastic and metals, as well as multimaterial molding. GW Silicones expects to be up and running by April 2008.

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