Emerald Specialty Polymers LLC has announced the rebranding of its Reactive Liquid Polymer (RLP) and Specialty Emulsion product lines, formerly sold under the Hycar®brand name. These product lines will now be sold under the HyproTMRLP and NychemTMEmulsions brand names. Emerald Specialty Polymers is a subsidiary of Emerald Performance Materials, a leading manufacturer of food, pharmaceutical and industrial additives.

“The Specialty Polymers product lines have a long-held technology leadership position in the applications they serve,” said Tom Holleran, CEO of Emerald. “The Hycar®brand name was retained by our former parent company and is still in use for a number of their key product lines. Rebranding the Emerald product lines allows us to establish a separate and new identity while continuing to supply material of high quality and reliability to our customer base.”

The materials produced by the Specialty Polymers Division are used in diverse applications and tough end-use environments. The HyproTMReactive Liquid Polymers are used as additives to significantly enhance the adhesion, toughness, durability and low-temperature performance of thermoset resin systems. Automobile and aircraft frames, corrosion resistant pipes and valves, and graphite golf club shafts are just a few of the applications that benefit from the addition of Hypro RLP in their resin and adhesive formulations. Nychem emulsions are used to enhance oil, grease, chemical and caustic resistance of engineered products, including gaskets, abrasive paper, adhesives, fiber coatings, coal tar coatings, nonwoven materials, and textiles.

For more information, visitwww.emeraldmaterials.com.