3M Touch Systems, Inc. has announced the availability of its MicroTouch DST screen. MicroTouch DST touch screens will be offered for select authorized NEC Integrators in North America in popular 32”, 40” and 46” screen sizes. Based on 3M’s patented Dispersive Signal Technology (DST), MicroTouch DST touch screens offer display integrators an ideal solution for large-format interactive applications that require fast, accurate, and reliable touch response. Other unique features include operation unaffected by surface contaminants and “dynamic touch,” which ignores static objects on the screen and allows for multi-user touch capabilities.

“DST touch screens offer important ease-of-integration features not available from comparable touch technologies, such as no front surface components to impede bezel integration, easily sealable, and chemically-strengthened glass,” said Chris Tsourides, business manager, 3M Touch Systems.

Dispersive Signal Technology (DST) recognizes touch by interpreting bending waves within the glass substrate created by the contact of a finger or stylus on the glass. Since bending waves are unaffected by on-screen contaminants and moderate surface damage, DST touch screens work reliably for most public environments and applications, such as interactive digital signage, public way finders, point-of-information stations, corporate directories, and retail product selectors, as well as conference room and education presentation systems.

MicroTouch DST touch screens are currently available as interactive NEC displays or all-in-one computer displays from Pixleink Displays, a division of Richardson Electronics LLC.

For more information, visitwww.DSTtouch.com.