David Nick

On Wednesday morning, the WAC conference concluded with a Closing Session, chaired by David Nick, president of DPNA International. After opening remarks, a number of worldwide representatives of the adhesives and sealants industry presented the current trends and market information for their respective regions.

Paul Chen


Paul Chen of The Asian Regional Adhesive Council (ARAC) reported that Mainland China adhesive demand is expected to increase by 10% annually over the next three years. Hot-melt and reactive adhesives will fare the best, with 12% growth.

Japan’s growth rate is estimated at 2.5%, and Korea at 3.8%. Taiwan’s growth rate in 2007 was 5.1% and is expected to increase to 10%.

Bernard Ghyoot


Bernard Ghyoot of FEICA reported that market drivers in Europe are: continuing rising raw material and energy costs, and the U.S. financial crisis. The European adhesives and sealants market grew at an average of 6.4% in 2007 and is expected to grow at 5%. Sustained demand will continue in the industrial bonding/assembly market, and the leading European market segment will be paper board and related products.

Sean Gogarty


Sean Gogarty, Adhesives and Sealants Manufacturers Association of Canada (ASMAC), which represents nine manufacturing members and nine associate members, reported that almost all adhesive raw materials used in Canada are imported from the United States, Asia, and Europe. He said that the packaging market is the fastest growing in Canada, with current volume at 37.6%.

Arturo Navarette


Arturo Navarette, Association Nacional de la Industrial Quimica (ANIQ), said that ANIQ represents 200 affiliate companies – including chemical distributors. Two of the growing sectors in Mexico are school materials and DIY adhesives, and estimated annual growth rate for the entire market is 3%.

Gunther Faltin

Brazil/South America

Gunther Faltin, Bruscola LTDA, noted that Brazil achieved its lowest overall inflation rate ever - in 2008, it is expected to be 4.3%. The Latin America adhesives and sealants market is expected to grow 4.5% over the next three years. Paper and board, construction, and woodworking/joinery are the largest end-user sectors. Adhesive and sealant demand for the region is $US 680 million, with Brazil at 61%.


David Nick, DPNA International, reported that the 2007 demand for adhesives in the United States is 58% and that the 2007-2008 annual growth rate is estimated at 6%. For sealants, the 2007-2010 annual growth rate is 4.2%.

New technologies with growing demand will include epoxy film adhesives, visible light-cure adhesives, hybrid thermosets, “low-melt” hot melts, and inorganic adhesives.