Andre Ladurelli

The Tuesday General Session began with a talk from Andre Ladurelli, CEO of Bostik. Ladurelli presented “Stay on the Right Course in a Turmoiled and Fast-Moving World” - an informative and inspiring look at the challenges the adhesives and sealants industry faces. Among them are:
  • Being leaders of sustainable development
  • Raw material and feedstock price escalation
To counter these challenges, Ladurelli said that manufacturers need to bring true innovation to the market by maximizing the value chain and thinking differently. Raw material and feedstock shortages can be mitigated by substituting materials and reformulation; leading in sustainable development can be achieved by incorporating non-hazardous and sustainable materials.

Finally, Ladurelli said that we must change the image of glue - to that of high-performance bonding - by educating the public about the value of adhesives.

Jack Giampalmi

Special Guest Speaker

Jack Giampalmi spoke next, on “Leadership for Business and the Environment: Sustainability Business Practices.” Giampalmi, a business environmentalist who has held executive management positions with The Dow Chemical Co., explained that EH&S leaders must:
  • Recognize and manage convergence of many different ideas
  • Recognize diversity of thought; integrate EH&S with economics, legal, etc.
  • Accelerate the “new”
  • Show up for decisions
Leadership can be anywhere in an organization; the challenge is to lead - and to accept both success and failure.