Designed for UV curing of DYMAX adhesives and coatings from the left, right, and/or top, the UVCS SideCureTMconveyor can be outfitted with up to eight DYMAX 5000-EC UV curing flood lamps. The conveyor’s 12" wide belt and 7.5" vertical clearance (with 5" high side-curing capability) allows for the curing of large parts and makes the SideCure a very versatile UV curing solution. In addition, the relatively small conveyor size - 51" x 30" x 21.5" - minimizes the footprint required for UV curing. The use of the DYMAX SideCure conveyor system can often eliminate potential “shadowed areas” around components that are detrimental to a light curing process.

The high-intensity DYMAX 5000-EC lamps used with the UVCS SideCure conveyor provide 225 mW/cm2of intensity for fast UV curing as well as complete shielding from UV light and consistent exposure times. The SideCure conveyor can be outfitted with up to four 5000-EC lamps on top and up to four 5000-EC lamps on the sides. When 5000-EC lamps are configured in series, the conveyor belt speeds can often be doubled. The SideCure conveyor system is ideal for bonding, masking, and coating applications in the medical, electronic, industrial, and aerospace industries where 180° UV curing is required.

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