Nordson Corp. has announced the addition of breakthrough EcoPatternTMtechnology to its highly successful PatternJetTMhot-melt adhesive labeling system. Offering adhesive savings up to 90%, the EcoPattern technology allows bottlers who use the PatternJet system to gain better control of their materials and energy usage, improve recyclability and optimize operational efficiency.

Leveraging the EcoPattern technology, the PatternJet system’s non-contact adhesive guns deliver tiny spirals of adhesive onto any size container with little or no stringing, offering a raw materials savings of up to 90% when compared to conventional wheel-pot applicators.

By more accurately applying adhesive at any speed, the system also enables better process control and higher production efficiency, while significantly reducing maintenance costs and scrap rates. Moreover, it eliminates adhesive circulation and provides superior system insulation, offering more than 50% energy savings when compared to a typical wheel-pot labeling system.

The PatternJet system’s easy-to-change replacement components allow for greater application and system compatibility, while its integrated, closed-system design reduces maintenance, minimizes line stoppages, and improves safety.

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