Dow Biocides, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Co., has announced it will increase its U.S. production capacity for glutaraldehyde by approximately 60 percent. The capacity is expected to be online and operating by January 2009. Dow Biocides is one of the industry’s largest suppliers of glutaraldehyde. Glutaraldehyde from Dow is produced at Institute, WV, a site managed by Union Carbide Corp., a wholly owned Dow subsidiary.

“Glutaraldehyde is a widely known, versatile and effective biocide used in formulations to protect against current or future microbial threats,” said Mark Henning, general manager of Dow Biocides. “We anticipate growth in most geographies due to the multi-application use nature of glutaraldehyde. As the market leader for more than 50 years, we are now expanding our production capacity to ensure we are well positioned to reliably meet our customers’ growing supply requirements.”

Dow glutaraldehyde has broad regulatory coverage around the globe and has one of the most studied and sustainable environmental profiles of any biocide available in the market. Glutaraldehyde is used in the number of diverse markets that are core to Dow’s growth strategies - from animal biosecurity, oilfield, pulp and paper to cooling water and high-level disinfection.

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