New study on Asian coatings additives reveals China to be the largest consumer of coatings additives in Asia, followed by Japan.

Figure 1. Asian Coatings Additives by Country ($MM)

Figure 2. Coating Additives by Type in Asia ($MM)

Figure 2 shows additive consumption by type in Asia. Biocides are the largest type, with 28% of the additive value. Most biocides are consumed in marine anti-fouling coatings, with architectural in-can preservatives and dry film fungicides the other major outlet. Rheology modifiers are the second largest type, with 23% of the dollars. Cellulosics, WB synthetic, and organoclays. are among the numerous rheology-modifier types. Dispersants are next in value, with 13% of total dollars. Dispersing titanium dioxide and fillers in architectural paints is a large-volume outlet. More sophisticated dispersants are used for the specialized pigments found in industrial coatings.

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