More than 100 booths were reserved for the World Adhesive Conference Exposition, held Monday, April 21 from 3-7 p.m. When the expo opened, the ASC had more than 1,000 delegates registered for WAC.

Attendees and exhibitors alike expressed satisfaction in the expo.

“Everybody has been telling me it’s a very successful show,” said Bob Willis, ASC senior manager, Conventions and Meetings. “They’re all glad they came to Miami.” Willis said that exhibitors told him that the expo was better than any WAC expo that had previously taken place in Europe.

Aisles in the exhibition were crowded, and many booths were difficult to get close to for most of the show. One such booth was Eastman Chemical Co.’s. Jeff Redmond of Eastman said, “We are really impressed with the attendance. Hopefully it bodes well for the future.”

“This is the way that all shows should be,” said Kari Ream, whose company Cox North America Inc. exhibited at the show.

A representative from exhibiting company Newborn Brothers expressed satisfaction with the expo’s attendees, saying, “The quality of attendees was good.”

Both attendees and exhibitors were also pleased with how well organized the expo was. “It was very well organized,” said attendee Mary Poma of BASF. “I was impressed with the level of participation and the useful information that was presented.”