TricorBraun recently won an American Packaging Design Award for its redesign of the venerable Elmer’s Glue squeeze bottle.

Through the years, less-expensive glues with similar colors and packaging appeared on retail shelves next to the Elmer’s display, and Elmer’s sales became flat.

“Tradition has its place, but Elmer’s needed a face lift and a new brand identity for its packaging,” says David Snyder, TricorBraun design director, of the strategy behind the changing of the Elmer’s package. “ We decided shape and color were the way to help punch up the brand on the shelf.

“We considered the package’s shape first.  We decided to use an offset neck, which changes the appearance and helps with its application.  We provided the ‘top deck’ for the bottle with a slanted face.  When the new bottles are collectively aligned with other Elmer’s bottles, they create their own point of purchase display.

The American Packaging Design Award is presented byGraphic Design USA, a design magazine that has conducted national design competitions for almost 40 years.  The award won by TricorBraun was for packaging, point of purchase and in-store graphics.

TricorBraun is a leading supplier of packaging with 32 offices in the U.S., Canada and Asia.