Troy Corp. has announced the introduction of an innovative highly concentrated, water-based BIT dispersion product. Mergal®753 provides users with a BIT dispersion with less water content, no solvents, no VOC and no formaldehyde. Mergal 753 is the latest addition to Troy’s "green" line of biocides, fungicides and algaecides, developed by the company to provide zero-VOC antimicrobial protection using well accepted and worldwide supported active ingredients that are specially formulated to reduce hazardous components in manufacturing, storage, shipment, use, and disposal.

Mergal 753 is part of Troy’s complete line of BIT containing preservatives designed to meet the demanding and changing needs of the market place. This product line includes Mergal K10N, Mergal 680, Mergal BIT20 and now Mergal 753.

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