Venture Tape Corp. has introduced VentureWrap 1555W/U, a white, zero-perm, UV-resistant facing that can be used as a sealant inside ductwork or as a low-temperature vapor barrier on freezer walls where permeability is a concern. It is also used as a zero-perm jacketing on all types of pipe insulation. Insulation and refrigeration contractors will favor this product as an alternative to many other vapor retarders.

1555W/U is a three-ply laminate constructed of 1 mil aluminum foil in between a layer of 0.5 mil polyester film and a white polypropylene outer layer. It can also be used over other types of pipe insulation, including foam glass, urethane, Styrofoam or fiberglass, and can be applied with spray glue, double-sided tape or with Venture Tape 1555CW-W tape.

VentureWrap is ASTM E-84 listed and cuts and fabricates easily. Its temperature resistance ranges from minus 40