This company has announced the release of its new Vibra-TITETMUser-Applied product catalog and the expansion of the Vibra-TITE product line.

The Vibra-TITE catalog is available upon request and includes information on Vibra-TITE products, including threadlockers, sealants, super glues, epoxies, UV-curable adhesives, structural adhesives and more.

Also included are new introductions, such as threadlocker gels and convenient bullet-tube dispensers for many of Vibra-TITE’s formulas.

Vibra-TITE products are available internationally and are priced at competitive rates when compared to other name brand formulas. Vibra-TITE’s extensive line of adhesives, sealants and more can be purchased in small quantity bottles for on-the-job maintenance and repair, or in bulk quantities for production application by self-locking fastener converters.

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