Creative Materials Inc., a leading manufacturer of electrically conductive ink, coating and adhesives, offers a flexible, re-workable, electrically conductive adhesive that has the unique advantage of adhering to most silicone and fluorinated substrates. 102-32 exhibits excellent low-temperature performance and has been found to be very useful in a range of fastening and bonding applications. Adhesion to metals, plastics and glass is also excellent.

During tests conducted by CMI, 102-32 proved to be resistant to flexing and creasing due to its low temperature flexibility. The low-stress nature of 102-32 allows for electrical attachment of stress-sensitive devices. This product is ready to be used as supplied. Also, by thinning 102-32 with a fast-evaporating solvent, this product can be spray-applied onto hard-to-stick surfaces and act as a conductive coating to provide EMI/RFI shielding or polymer thick film circuitry.

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