Russell Finex now offers the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®system that eliminates production stoppage and labor-intensive manual cleaning tasks such as changing filter bags and cleaning filtration baskets.

The filter element is kept continuously clean via a unique spiral wiper design, ensuring optimum filtration efficiency. Because of its design, cleaning the filter between batch runs is quick and easy with minimal disruption during production changeovers. In addition, a unique Q-Tap valve allows the sampling of freshly filtered material so quality can be easily monitored on the fly without interrupting production.

The Eco Filter fits neatly into existing production lines, in many instances adding significant capacity without requiring excessive space. Because it is totally enclosed, it also prevents outside pollutants from contaminating product and protects operators from any spillage or fumes. Users see substantial improvement in product purity, throughput and waste elimination, and a choice of easily swapped filter elements provides flexibility to meet the quality demands of customers.

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