DYMAX Corp. has introduced a tack-free, soft gasket material for sealing fuel cells, appliance housings and critical electronic assemblies and devices. Light Weld®GA-140 is a UV/Visible light-curable form-in-place (FIP) and cure-in-place (CIP) gasket developed for applications requiring low compression set, tack-free surface, and durable, reliable sealing. It is a soft gasket material with high adhesion to plastics that provides a barrier to prevent absorption or penetration of air, dust, moisture, liquids and gaseous substances.

This gasketing material can be dispensed into intricate and complex configurations with the benefit of in-line curing, which allows for increased production speed, greater output, lower processing costs, and reduced inventories. It is a silicone-free, one-part resin requiring no mixing. GA-140 is low out-gassing, cures in seconds, and its viscosity allows for varying bead heights. This product conforms to intricate channels or recesses and has excellent tear resistance for serviceable and limited-service applications.

DYMAX FIP gaskets cure completely in seconds, even in 1/4”-thick beads. Designed for flat flanges or wide shallow grooves, permanent FIP gaskets can eliminate the delay experienced with slow-curing resins as well as the design, inventory, and labor expense associated with pre-cut gaskets. DYMAX gaskets cure faster and deeper than UV silicone, and do not release corrosive chemical by-products upon cure.

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